I would like to be the first to Welcome you to the official Pyrnie Sadè website which features music, writings, events and other creative expressions to share with you as I take big leaps of faith with my career, entrepreneurship, and most importantly my ministry! My prayer is that you will experience the true visions God has allowed me to create for His Glory. 

I look forward to connecting with you all and I believe we can love and support each other in all things as we continuously condition ourselves to have a Ready Heart for what God sets before us!

-Pyrnie Sadè

Words from a Ready Heart- Pyrnie Sadè Calloway

The Surprise of a Lifetime-To my Fiancé Raynard

Imagine waiting for that someone you have been anticipating almost all your life. You have been through a heartbreak or two, the emotions of dating relationships, and have kissed a few frogs along the way in hopes of finding “The One”. You have had great examples of love and marriages that has been long lasting [...]

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