Don’t Just Go through it, Grow through it!

It’s officially August, a time of celebration and around this time of year I like to reflect a lot on my life and how far I have come. My 32nd Birthday is this month and usually I would be laid out on a sandy beach in the sun or on some kind of vacation but those plans are on pause for now and I am actually ok with it. I am just happy to be alive and well especially during these times. It was around this time last year that I was bombarded with paper work, itineraries, meetings, events, and trainings when I started to experience not so normal heart palpitations. I remember calling the doctors and telling them that I had some shortness of breath and that my heart kept beating real fast and kept skipping beats every 5-10 minutes. One of the nurses told me to go right to the ER but I didn’t listen I waited until it got so bad that I had no choice but to go to the hospital. After the ER visit the doctors and cardiologist examined me and kept saying that I looked very healthy and in their minds wondered what was causing these premature heart beats. As a few weeks rolled around the palpitations started to subside and I then realized that all I had to do was just pray, reflect and slow down. I had to go through all of this to get to where I am now.

I still have just as much work If not more as I sit here writing this blog but as I reflect and celebrate another year of life I become so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned. I mean for me I organize my life into compartments including work, career, business, spirituality, family & friends, health and wellness, and personal. Even my to-do lists are organized to which area of my life that takes precedence over another task or to-do list. I will admit it can get a bit overwhelming at times but in a good way because once I complete one full to-do list or task I feel so good and accomplished. I learned over the years to be happy for completing small goals and task.

Growth takes time, work and can be a little painful sometimes but you can’t have joy without the pain. So we need to learn to love every moment no matter if it’s good, bad or indifferent.  God will give you the strength and courage to go through it all.  The word of God says, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified or dismayed (intimidated), for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go,” (Joshua 1:9 AMP).

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Just Go through it, Grow through it!

  1. Thank God all is well with you and yes sometimes we learn lessons in a way that brings pain and it is never to harm us. God is a healer of all things in all things.

  2. I’m glad you’re okay! We can cause health problems by not relaxing and taking care of ourselves and I know that for sure. Maybe next year we can go to Jamaica for your birthday!

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