Ready or not here I come! (She Made Herself Ready)

There are times in your life when you just don’t feel ready.  You may not feel ready for that job interview, that presentation, that performance, or ready to just start something new. Some days I feel like I am getting ready to ride on a roller coaster and with every ride I get nervous and a thrill out of each twist and turn. I use to put on a fake grin to hide my nervousness as soon as someone ask me, “Are you ready?” and I would reply, Yeap, ready as I’m going to be!”.  But with a little bit of faith that I had I knew that everything will work out just fine and that interview, that performance, or even that new venture was something I was ready for all along.  I have been going through these feelings for a while now and have realized that I got to push myself out there and just go for it.

I recently just coordinated and completed my first Virtual World Breastfeeding week event and everyday was filled with so many emotions but I pushed through every moment and succeeded. To see the mothers, providers, friends and colleagues log on virtually to this event was a great support and made me feel better day by day. World Breastfeeding week is officially celebrated on August 1st-7th  of every year and has been spreading awareness and support for breastfeeding for 28 years now. This year my company was fortunate enough to celebrate World Breastfeeding week virtually online and I got to coordinate a four-day celebration! Each day was so amazing and was power packed with information and I learned so much.

Through this experience, I learned to not just rely on my own strength but to rely on strength from God. Sometimes we need that push to keep going. That push can come from a parent, a friend, a mentor, a colleague, a coworker, and most importantly God.  While preparing for these life events I thank God for the people that continued to push me even when I felt like the odds were against me. You have to push too and if someone isn’t helping you to push right now, I am writing this blog to tell you PUSH and make it happen! You’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you and just continue to prepare your mind and your heart for whatever it is.

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6 thoughts on “Ready or not here I come! (She Made Herself Ready)

  1. Amen sister! This is so true and so relatable! We may not feel ready, but God has prepared us with all we need. That’s a push all in itself! Congratulations on all your success!

    1. Thank you sister! We are pushing each other and God has definitely prepared us for such a time as this!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I feel this way all the time! I pray that you remain confident and keep pushing forward. You got this! Congratulations on all the wonderful things you’re doing.

  3. Agreed! We have to make ourselves ready and trust that God has prepared us for the spacies we are in. Jump with faith and God will handle the details!!!

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