I may be the First but I will not be the Last.

It’s a new year, a new month, and the start of new opportunities. It’s February the second month of the year and the month we nationally celebrate Black history. At the end of 2020 I realized that I accomplished everything I wrote, envisioned, and dreamed of. Even during a pandemic I got promoted as Breastfeeding Coordinator in June, hosted and moderated my first virtual World Breastfeeding week and Black Breastfeeding week in August, sat to take my exam to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in September and officially became the first Black non-nurse IBCLC in my hometown in December of 2020!  I may be the first but I will not be the last (In my Kamala Harris voice). Although I have accomplished a lot I can’t forget the road that it took to get me there. Early 2020 we were hit with a deadly virus that is still here as we are creating this new norm that seems to have placed an imprint in everyone’s life. Everything is now virtual and we have to reach one via telephone, video call, and social media apps in order to teach one. I myself have been working on new projects and educational tools that will help me to continue to stay relevant in my field of lactation. Its important to me that I continue to learn and teach others what I have been promoting, supporting and advocating for throughout the years.

I give kudos to my mentors, colleagues, friends and family because I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all that I had last year without them. I had to continue to study, listen to, write reports and emails, talk to higher ups in companies that I worked with and had to stay encouraged during this process of finding out news of promotion and exam results. I never gave up and kept my head held high even when I could have crumbled and failed. While in prayer Jesus continued to speak words of encouragement like “You’re Next”, “It’s You’re time”, “Be Encouraged”, “The favor is on you”, and “Put your trust in me”. I constantly gave God praise and thanks for every small and big goals that I achieved.  I was grateful and continued to bless God for blessing me!

“Wait on the Lord: Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord! Psalms 27:14

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11 thoughts on “I may be the First but I will not be the Last.

  1. Sis this is sooooo amazing! You are such an inspiration and an example of what God said when He said that He will bless everything that we put our hands to do. Reading this tells others that you had a vision a wrote it down… you waited for it!!

  2. Sis,
    Speak…… you will not be there last. It is critical that we celebrate our wins and embrace our process. I’m so proud of you and your becoming process.

  3. Amazing story! Being the first is a beautiful thing to advance the health of your community and amplify the voices of families that look like you. You will be amazing!

  4. What an encouraging message for all of us still waiting on our turn! This is a testament to what will be when we wait on God and don’t give up! Congratulations my dear sister!!

  5. Congratulations dear friend! You are beyond phenomenal in every way. Cheers to your accomplishments and future endeavors.

  6. Congratulations again Pyrnie on obtaining your IBCLC certification. I am so proud and happy for you and thankful to have had you along as a warrior and conquerer on my journey. Eyes haven’t seen, ears haven’t heard all he has planned for you.

  7. What an awesome testament. SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD SO SHE DID! So Godly proud of you. You are an Amazing young lady 🥰😇

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