Meet Pyrnie Sadè

Born in Hershey, PA and raised in Harrisburg, PA; Pyrnie Sadè Calloway – Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Author,  Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, and Breastfeeding advocate – has finally answered the call of her many supporters to give her musical expression full Life.

Being reared up in a musical family, the tunes of the Clark Sisters, Luther Barnes, Yolanda Adams, Hezekiah Walker, Fred Hammond, and the late Whitney Houston followed her youth from the start.

She fell in Love with their music at such a young age for its wonderfully authentic sound, spiritual awakening, and lyrical conviction.

Although Pyrnie had many musical icons to influence her, she was equally influenced by the familial singers that surrounded her such as the McDonald Sisters; which featured Pyrnie’s mother, Elder Linda Calloway, as well as Pyrnie’s aunts, Myrtle Hough and Rebecca McDonald.

Through the example of these impactful musical role models, those that experienced Pyrnie were able to  witnessed her evolution in art, musical abilities, and pure anointing; beholding the promise of a prodigy that would inspire all she came in contact with.

Her Gift was not only noticed in her home or at church but she allowed it to shine even in her school environment.  Pyrnie’s teachers began to ask her to sing solos in front of her classmates once class time was over. What Pyrnie did not realize was that, in due time, her presence as a singer would birth new musical abilities as a musician (pianist/organist) and songwriter.

The birthing of this newness in her musical journey would place Pyrnie in the midst of well-known artists within Pennsylvania, such as Lester Bowman, Larry Colbert’s Worship Experience, Jarred McDonald and Friends, and Tri-City Youth Choir directed and led by Bro. Ja’Kye Holmes. 

Through every single experience she has been Gifted with by God, Pyrnie Sadè has been able to release two singles: “I’ve Got The Victory” (2015) and “Show Up” (2017). Even prior to her single releases, Pyrnie has always been blessed with hands that create; she formed her own small business, Pyrnie Sadè Creations, where she designs all types of accessories and clothing (hats, scarfs, bowties, sashay bowties, necklaces, etc) through the art of crocheting.  In the summer of 2018, she released her first EP, Ready Heart, and at the same time released her first book, Ready Heart: Choose the Better Parts, which is directly related to the EP.

 Pyrnie Sadè currently lives in Harrisburg, PA where she’s not only a well-known artists and entrepreneur but she also works in hospitals and clinics as a breastfeeding coordinator as well as a freelance Nutritionist where she educates the community on healthy eating practices and breastfeeding education. She holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from Messiah College in Nutrition and Dietetics and wants to continue utilizing these skills to educate her community on overall health as it relates to nutrition and benefits of breastfeeding in efforts to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in maternal and infant mortality among African Americans and others aboard.